Let’s open this blog up for public comments and discussions!

Ideas on what to talk about:

  1. What do you think about a girl as “the chosen one” in this rewrite? How do you think it will change the story, if at all?
  2. What do you think about Voldemort as a woman? Given that historically men have held power and led revolutions (good and bad), do you find it unrealistic for Voldemort to be a woman?
  3. What gender roles did you notice showing up in the original Harry Potter? What stereotypes did you see enforced or challenged?
  4. If you are a person of color, how did reading the original Harry Potter make you feel? If you are white, did you notice any lack of representation?
  5. If you are an LGBT+ person, what thoughts did you have on the original Harry Potter?
  6. What was your favorite part of the original Harry Potter? What do you hope to see in this rewrite?
  7. Do you have any general thoughts or opinions you’d like to share?

Meet the Family

I’m so excited to introduce this site and some of the characters we see at the beginning of book one!

Ari is a scrawny girl, made to look even smaller because she wears her cousin DeeDee’s old clothes that are too big for her. She has messy jet black hair, sad bright green eyes, perfectly round black glasses, and a curious lightning bolt shaped scar on her forehead.
The Dursley’s, from left to right: DeeDee (Dolores) is a full faced little girl with misleading beauty (for on the inside she’s ugly and mean), Vernon is a grumpy middle aged man always dressed in slacks and a button up with dull blonde hair and a sour face, Petunia is a long slender woman with brown hair and a constant worried expression.